Making this Half Term Historic!

Memories of Working in Newtown Manufacturing

The first stage of an endeavor to discover and record the memories of local people who worked in fast disappearing industries in Newtown. The aim is to provide a ‘living’ community resource to encourage participation in the museum through rediscovering personal memories. A pop-up stall with relevant images of local jobs and factories inviting those with photographs, memorabilia, and their own memories and stories to come to the museum during Festival week.

This will be supported by an online presence for those no longer in the area. The museum will have a display of photgraphs and ephemera together with short job descriptions of manufacturing industries in the town to jog memories. Individuals and groups will be invited to recall their experiences and their memories will be recorded in writing and/or digitally for transcription at a later date. At this stage the most important feature of the project is to identify a pool of people with whom to explore further memories and promote community engagement. The gathered material will form the basis for future exhibitions and displays at the museum.

This event may also run on Saturday 2nd November